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Communication and reporting

Are you still reporting, or are you already communicating?

A successful sustainability strategy includes transparent and credible communication as well as constructive dialogue with the various internal and external stakeholders. Sustainability reporting is not an end in itself, but rather it serves as an investment in a company's competitiveness and credibility. The strategy is verified using internal monitoring and a systematic evaluation of the outcomes, which is then included in "good" reporting. Reporting in turn offers a solid foundation for the company to engage in a dialogue with the company's own employees and shareholders as well as consumers, clients, suppliers, and other members of society.

GRI Guidelines as a basis

Countless guidelines exist that attempt to standardise sustainability reporting, which is still largely voluntary. Their characteristics vary depending on the substantive focus, sector, and region. In recent years, the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) have established themselves internationally as a comprehensive framework. We also use the GRI Guidelines as a basis for reporting, but without losing sight of the actual goal, namely to achieve attractive, comprehensible, and target-group-specific reporting. We also have extensive experience with other frameworks, standards, ratings (e.g. CDP) and labels that influence the evaluation and further development of sustainability management.

Customised processes and effective products

We support our clients in the conception, editing, and production of sustainability reports, whether on a comprehensive basis or specifically for individual chapters of annual reports. We also accompany them during marketing communication and their ongoing dialogue with stakeholders. Given the current proliferation of guidelines and provisions, it is easy to lose sight of what is essential and to neglect the own values. For this reason, our goal is to optimise the efficiency of the internal reporting processes and to individualise the final product as much as possible. We are aided in this regard by our many years of experience as a partner of the Fondation Guilé, for which we examine and evaluate the comprehensiveness and quality of the sustainability communication of about 100 multinational corporations each year.

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