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Since 2010, BHP has advised Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland Ltd., the Swiss bottler of beverages of The Coca-Cola Company and Valser mineral water, on strategic questions concerning the integration of sustainability and the development of credible CSR reporting. Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland has published a sustainability report since 2012.

In close consultation with the CSR division of Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland Ltd. and the Coca-Cola Hellenic Group, BHP has drawn up both the reporting concept and the substantive focus areas. On the basis of internal guided interviews, the contents were edited and, in coordination with an external graphic designer, put into an attractive form suitable for stakeholders.

BHP has been responsible for all sustainability reports published so far (in 2012, 2014, and 2016). In 2015, BHP was also responsible for the internal project to create a comprehensive stakeholder map and to develop a materiality matrix (basis for the 2014/15 sustainability report). The important CSR aspects were evaluated in two internal workshops (operational working group and executive management).

Coca-Cola HBC Switzerland Ltd
Time frame:
active, since 2010
Corporate Social Responsibility