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CDP Climate Change Program

CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) is an international non-profit organisation that maintains the largest environmental database for companies and cities, and the only one with worldwide coverage. The goal of CDP is to encourage as many companies as possible to disclose their impact on the environment and natural resources. On behalf of more than 700 institutional investors, this information is obtained from companies each year using a questionnaire. As an official CDP Scoring Partner of the Climate Change Program, BHP – Brugger and Partners evaluated the questionnaires of the participating Swiss companies from 2013 to 2015. Afterwards, BHP conducted feedback discussions with interested companies, contributing to the identification of improvement potential.

Thanks to many years of CDP expertise, BHP is also able to advise clients on appropriate disclosure of the relevant information. To avoid conflicts of interest, we of course do not evaluate the questionnaires of the companies we advise. In 2015, for instance, BHP supported Huber & Suhner in a workshop that identifies, specifies, and weights company-specific and stakeholder-specific opportunities and risks in connection with climate change. This allowed Huber & Suhner to optimise its existing climate protection and adaptation measures and consequently to improve its CDP score: In November 2015, CDP recognised Huber & Suhner as a "Sector Leader" in the industrial sector.

CDP Europe/Carbon Disclosure Project GmbH
Time frame:
completed, 2013-2015
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