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Dr. Stefan Lüthi

Dr. phil. in Spatial Development, TU Munich Partner +41 44 299 95 92 Send e-mail
Stefan Lüthi has worked at BHP since 2004 and has been a partner since 2022.

From 2007 to 2011, he researched the development of metropolitan regions at the Technical University of Munich and published in international academic journals. Today, he develops and evaluates regional economic strategies for cities and municipalities, regions, and metropolitan areas based on tailor-made quantitative and qualitative analyses. He combines scientific, social, and institutional perspectives and incorporates the results into strategy workshops and moderated meetings.

Two key experiences have had a lasting impact on his interest in economic spatial processes. First, his bicycle broke down in the Jura mountains in the canton of Vaud between an idyllic cow pasture and a high-tech watch manufacturer. Second, he was captivated by the view from the Empire State Building of the dynamic urban fabric of New York. These are the contrasts that Stefan Lüthi draws on as a source of inspiration when advising clients on spatial and regional economic development, and he puts them to use in a targeted manner.

In his free time, the former track and field athlete enjoys rowing. Together with his teammates, he seeks and occasionally finds the harmonious connection between human being, boat, oar, and water.