Brugger and Partners Ltd.

Regional Economic and Spatial Development

To survive in today's competitive environment, municipalities, cities, and regions must actively enhance their attractiveness for businesses and citizens, i.e., their regional economic development. We help them accomplish this with tailor-made business location analyses and innovative strategies. Because every location and every region has its own specific qualities, we take a close look and listen carefully before developing concepts and strategies together with our clients and helping them in the implementation phase.

Nearly 30 years have passed since the first days of BHP in the "basement atmosphere" of an apartment near the University of Zurich. During this time, competition among locations has increased significantly in the course of globalisation. With new governance approaches in regional and urban policy (Neue Regionalpolitik, Agglomerationspolitik), the responses of the public sector have also adjusted to these developments. However, the most important challenge facing every location has not changed at all: Every location needs a realistic vision, a clear strategy, and consistent implementation. Support for regional economic development may include different facets:

  • Business location & regional analyses
  • Concepts for regional economic development
  • Strategies for urban and regional development
  • Mission statement processes, cooperative development planning
  • Economic development strategies, economic development instruments
  • Workplace strategies
  • Site development, usage concepts for real estate
  • Destination development for tourism
  • Business location advertisement
  • Sustainability strategies

We accompany our clients throughout the entire process, whether by advising them with solution-oriented analyses and innovative, at times unconventional business location strategies, or by providing hands-on, operational regional economic and business development.