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Save energy – but not with the diversity of your employees!

Companies often declare their employees as their most important resource. The culture and lived values of a company are primarily responsible for ensuring that this commitment does not degenerate into an empty promise. In times of demographic change and the resulting competition for qualified talent, companies have to focus on the various dimensions of diversity: age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnicity, and religion. These questions are currently the subjects of controversial socio-political debates about the compatibility of family and work, quotas for women, and the (re-)integration of disabled and older people in the workforce.

Diversity – how it's done

For us, diversity is both a subject of investigation and an aspiration. We work on behalf of diversity in companies by conducting studies on increasing quotas for women, in mandates such as our work for the equal-salary foundation (only available in German), and through platforms such as Compasso (only available in German), an information portal on occupational integration we co-initiated. Our Managing Director Barbara Rigassi also serves as the co-director and co-founder of GetDiversity, the only placement agency for boards of directors that presents a ratio of at least 50:50 of women to men for every vacancy. GetDiversity also has access to a pool of female and male candidates who have qualified during a multi-stage application process.

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