Brugger and Partners Ltd.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Businesses are successful in the long run only if they are not satisfied simply with financial added value, but if they can create added value for their social and natural environment as well. We support our clients in realising this added value for their businesses and their stakeholders, without losing sight of what is important. We accompany them strategically and operationally throughout the entire management cycle, i.e. from their strategy and management approach to implementation, monitoring, and reporting on what they have achieved.

Since our founder Ernst A. Brugger participated in the establishment of the World Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentAchtung Link �ffnet sich in einem neuen Fenster in 1992, much has happened in the field of sustainability. In the meantime, countless businesses have embarked on the path toward a sustainable future. While the emphasis at first was mainly on environmental risks, work in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability today deals with opportunities and risks in such diverse areas as occupational health and safety, employee engagement, resource efficiency, supplier management, environmental protection, anti-corruption, and philanthropy.