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Together with the German Gesellschaft für Markt- und Absatzforschung (GMA), BHP conducted two socioeconomic studies for the Werra and Zielitz sites of the international mining company K+S. The goal of these studies was to assess the regional economic, social, health, and national economic effects of these sites on future regional development. Methodologically, BHP employed a combination of quantitative and qualitative research methods: A regional structural analysis formed the basis for a series of qualitative interviews with experts internal and external to K+S from different business areas and institutions. This was accompanied by a regional incidence analysis to quantitatively show the spatial value creation effects of the two sites. With these studies, BHP was able to deliver an important component of K+S's upcoming mining approval processes, since a tailings pile extension must be approved to secure the Werra and Zielitz production sites in the long term. These projects also allowed BHP to sharpen the awareness of local stakeholders in regard to the future challenges of sustainable regional development.
K+S KALI GmbH (Germany)
Time frame:
completed, 2013
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