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Over the past 70 years, AMAG has evolved from a car importer into a comprehensive mobility provider. As a strategic partner of the Volkswagen Group, AMAG decided in 2013 to further focus and systematise the CSR management of this family company. BHP supported AMAG in the development of a CSR/sustainability road map. We used moderated workshops and internal guided interviews to determine the relevant fields of action and their current states. In several working meetings, we then defined the target states (ambition), concrete goals, measures, indicators, the time schedule, and projected budgets. In May 2014, the group management designated CSR/sustainability as a strategic project through 2020. The developed road map was further specified in a workshop and in the context of other strategic projects; it was divided into four work packages that are now being processed further. Thanks to the CSR road map, AMAG is able to work purposefully toward achieving the five strategic goals by 2020. Within the group, the foundations are also being developed to inform the public in the foreseeable future and in a transparent and credible manner about the many aspects of AMAG's CSR engagement.
Time frame:
completed, 2013-2021
Corporate Social Responsibility