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Genossenschaft ZFV-Unternehmungen

ZFV-Unternehmungen co-operative: ZFV-Unternehmungen is a Swiss catering and hotel company with over 200 establishments. BHP initially supported ZFV 2022 with an in-depth stakeholder survey and, building on this, a materiality analysis. On the one hand, we used interviews and an online survey to identify how stakeholders assess the management of the various sustainability issues at ZFV. In addition, we used the concept of ‘double materiality’ to determine the impact of various sustainability issues on the cooperative, as well as their impact on the environment, economy and society. Following this mandate, BHP supported ZFV 2023 in the preparation of its sustainability performance in the annual report and in the development of a sustainability strategy. To this end, we held several workshops and discussions to determine the ambitions for the various sustainability topics and, based on this, defined SMART objectives, measures and responsibilities.
Genossenschaft ZFV-Unternehmungen
Time frame:
completed, 2022-2023
Corporate Social Responsibility