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New Partners

Read here what the new partners say about each other

Kathrin Brugger about Pascal Lüthi: Pascal opens doors. With his honest and attentive interest in people and issues and his empathetic and credible way of communicating, he makes it easy for people to meet and enter into dialogue. With this approach, he lays the foundation for extremely viable and long-lasting relationships and interesting projects. He follows his inner compass, convinced that we can achieve more together than we can alone. His experience, his depth of content, and his authenticity make him a successful consultant and entrepreneur who expresses passion and empathy even when the work is very busy and demanding.

Pascal Lüthi about Stefan Lüthi: When I joined BHP 15 years ago, I missed my namesake by a few weeks. At the time, he left us for the Technical University of Munich to complete his doctorate in spatial development. After another detour to the Federal Office for Spatial Development, he returned – but kept a foot in academia at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Since then, his clients and we as a team have benefited equally from his analytical strengths and his talent for straightforward , implementable solutions. What I especially appreciate about Stefan is his grounded personality. Almost nothing upsets him – he keeps a cool head and stays objective even in heated moments. This is a valuable quality for the further development of our company.

Stefan Lüthi about Kathrin Brugger: I've known Kathrin for more than 16 years. We both worked at BHP already when we were university students. Kathrin is a professional communicator. Her experience includes serving as Head of Communications and Deputy Head of Sustainability at Chocolats Halba. What makes Kathrin special is her extraordinary ability to capture emotions and messages and get to the heart of them. She is a passionate social entrepreneur. Sustainability and communication are the common thread of her professional career. She pursues her commitment to sustainability with depth and great entrepreneurial flair.