Brugger and Partners Ltd.

BHP – Next Generation!

As we move into 2022, we are celebrating an important milestone in the more than 35 years of our company's history: Kathrin Brugger, Pascal Lüthi, and Dr. Stefan Lüthi are joining our partnership. These three dynamic and dedicated leaders are taking a stake in BHP and will help to shape the future of our company with entrepreneurial élan. Kathrin, Pascal, and Stefan have belonged to the BHP family for years. In part thanks to their contributions, we can already look back on a successful company history. Together we are moving into the future with an abundance of passion and energy.

This is already the third generation to take the helm. We are extremely proud that BHP will be able to advance with new partners from our own ranks!

Our founder Prof. Dr. Ernst A. Brugger laid the foundation for our company in 1985. Together with Guido Cavelti, Dr. Barbara Rigassi, and Dr. Thomas Streiff, we have worked with passion and conviction to make a contribution to sustainable development. Practical application of the principle of sustainability in business, society, and politics continues to be our innovation driver. In September 2021, Ernst Brugger handed over the chair to Barbara Rigassi. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks for his entrepreneurial spirit, his strategic vision, and – above all – his deep friendship. He will continue to accompany us as Honorary Chairman.

Thank you for your loyalty and the many enriching years of working together. We look forward to many further inspiring encounters in the coming phase of our company.

To the point – sustainable!