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BLKB, Bossard and Cembra: Sustainability Reports 2020 are based on strong strategic foundations

In 2020 BLKB elaborated a strategic framework for its sustainability aspirations: A description of its convictions, a new mission statement and overarching objectives for 2030. In its new Sustainability Report 2020 the bank – with support from BHP – presents these elements and the underlying management approaches again in detail.

Cembra Money Bank updated its materiality matrix in collaboration with BHP in 2020. The process centered around a broad-based consultation with external and internal stakeholders. The Sustainability Report 2020 is based on the updated matrix and describes the bank’s progress in the field of sustainability.

As part of the strategic review in 2020, the Bossard Group integrated sustainability more consequently in its long-term business strategy. BHP supported this process regarding sustainability from which important reporting elements could be derived. By including case examples and additional indicators the team realized a focused yet diverse chapter on sustainability in the Annual Report 2020.