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Financial Service Providers Report According to "GRI Core" with Support from BHP

BLKB (Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank) and Cembra Money Bank published their annual and sustainability reports 2019 in March. Both have succeeded for the first time in structuring their sustainability content according to the "Core Option" of the GRI Standards. Reporting in accordance with this internationally recognised framework enables both financial institutions to increase transparency and comparability as well as to present their own performance in the area of sustainability to investors and the interested public in a credible manner. BHP supported both clients in the development and implementation of the reporting concepts. At Cembra Money Bank, the reporting process included a partial revision and extension of relevant sustainability topics. In the case of BLKB, the reporting is based on a materiality process carried out in 2019 in cooperation with BHP.

Sustainability Report BLKB

Sustainability Report Cembra Money Bank