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Supply chain management

Do you see the big picture?

By the mid-1990s at the latest, when the reports on Asian sweatshops became known to the general public, companies realised that their responsibility did not stop at their own entrance gates. In a globalised world with increasingly complex supply chains, their management is becoming more and more demanding, not only from a financial-operational perspective. Compliance with ethical, social, and ecological norms and guidelines – on the side of both suppliers and customers – is a task that responsible companies increasingly have to accomplish. In addition to reducing (reputational) risks, the aim is also to create added value in their own supply chains.

Opportunities and risks in focus

We advise our clients in their supply chain management from the risk perspective, e.g. in conducting a due diligence for a supplier portfolio or in providing a critical second opinion on current business practices in producing countries. We also lend support in the development of codes of conduct and the discussion and deepening of content for training and workshops with suppliers and employees. As part of stakeholder management, we assist our clients in taking advantage of the available opportunities through targeted cooperation arrangements with suppliers and other parties, e.g., development organisations, thus creating added value that goes beyond daily business. Both, our understanding of volunteering.htm" class="pub-tth-web">strategic philanthropy and our philosophy of skills-based volunteering offer our clients many interesting opportunities in this regard.

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