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Watch and jewellery industry: Sustainability rating WWF Switzerland

BHP supported WWF Switzerland in the creation of the first sustainability rating for the Swiss watch and jewellery industry. For this purpose, we analysed all the disclosed topic-related information from a total of 15 companies. They then had the opportunity to comment on the analysis results. Six of them made use of this opportunity. Methodologically, we were able to draw on our profound experience in evaluating companies in terms of their sustainability engagement along the value chain. Doing so, we focus on the relevant environmental, social, societal and economic challenges along their value chain. The rating published by WWF Switzerland relates exclusively to the analysed environmental aspects, as these are the WWF's core area of expertise.

Here you can find the full WWF report (in English).

A summary of the most important points is available (in German).

In addition, a contribution about the study was appeared on Kassensturz (in German).