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Municipalities of the Matter Valley

BHP supports the municipalities of the Matter Valley in their development and implementation of a geotourism region based on the principles of sustainability. The goal is a sustainable valorisation of the multifaceted natural and cultivated landscape for tourism through new products and services. The project receives support from the Confederation within the scope of the Development plan for a sustainable spatial development 2014-2018 (original: Modellvorhaben Nachhaltige Raumentwicklung 2014-2018). During a first phase, BHP and the client developed the project idea and submitted the project application. Since acceptance of the model project by the Confederation, BHP has supported the client in its project management and design and in monitoring and securing the results of the subprojects.

Other services include preparing, moderating, and evaluating workshops and meetings and contributing our own methodological and technical ideas based on many years of experience with similar projects. This project gives the municipalities of the Matter Valley the opportunity to sustainably incorporate selected elements of the natural and cultivated landscape into the tourism value chain using specific products, services, and productions. This not only makes a tangible contribution to regional creation of value, but it also improves regional and sectoral cooperation in the functional space of the Matter Valley.

Municipalities of the Matter Valley
Time frame:
completed, 2014-2018
Standortförderung und Raumentwicklung