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Suva is a unique participant in the Swiss insurance market, successfully combining prevention, insurance, and rehabilitation under one roof for more than 100 years. BHP has supported the Corporate Development Division since 2012 in planning and organising the annual management event on business excellence (in accordance with EFQM). In addition to (further) developing the content of the forum as well as identifying and briefing external speakers, BHP – together with Docmine Productions – conducts video interviews in advance with internal and external stakeholders in order to evaluate the actual and target states in each EFQM area.

At the event itself, BHP moderates the interactive podium discussion with the help of a user-friendly voting infrastructure. BHP also supports post-event assessments as well as planning and implementation of follow-up measures to ensure that the aspects discussed will be included in the further development process.

Time frame:
completed, 2012-2016
Führung & Organisation