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Marco Wallimann

Bachelor of Arts in Business and Administration, Master of Science in Sustainable Management Consultant +41 44 299 95 57 Send e-mail
Marco Wallimann is a Consultant and has been with BHP since 2019. The lecture “Globalization and Multinational Enterprises” at the University of Zurich was a significant turning point for him, whereupon he dedicated his studies entirely to Corporate Social Responsibility. During an internship in the textile industry, he gained deep insights into the audit procedure of global value chains, where he formulated Corrective Action Plans for suppliers before setting about his Master’s.

His interest in corporate and social sustainability is also reflected in Marco’s work at BHP, where he applies his knowledge of content and methodology to CSR projects ranging from the development of sustainability strategies to sustainability reporting and stakeholder analyses. Furthermore, he is responsible for the maintenance of an analysis tool as well as general technical support within the company.

In his spare time, Marco Wallimann enjoys reading Scandinavian crime novels and regularly takes a sauna to satisfy his wanderlust for Sweden. His private everyday life is characterized by routines in order to have more time for the important things in life. Only the daily climb up the stairs to the 5th floor may take a little more time.